Who We Are




Therapia was born out of a place of personal struggle, during a time of poor mental well being, hopelessness and while crippled in fear. It was through this time I saw the power of turning my emotions into art, photography and poetry and having regular therapy. These brought hope and health to my own well being and mental health. From there I created a whole collection from the patterns and designs I made during those moments of pain and often through my tears.

"Where there is still art there is hope".

While doing one particular drawing, I had tears rolling down my cheeks, I realised that life is all about perspective and what we believe. It was suddenly in that moment that I yearned to see 'beauty come from the pain' and for the pattern to become a "scarf that others would wear and know hope". Little did I know that this place of total desperation would be the birthing place for the very thing that I would go on to and believe in the most. 


About Therapia

Today it is said that 1 in 4 people suffer with mental health issues and only 1 in 10 people (particularly young people) reach out when they need emotional help. In 2015 a family friend took their life through suicide. After such a tragic event I realised the impact that depression and eating disorders can have on people and how passionate I am that no matter how hopeless a situation might feel, one might always know there IS hope.

Therapia now functions to empower, inspire, motivate and cultivate a culture of authenticity, freedom and joy through creativity. As well as to highlight the importance of our emotions and how to deal with those healthily and how creativity is a powerful tool.

We encourage creative expression, scribbling and creating SPACE to create.

Each design we sell has its own unique story of courage, breakthrough and freedom. The designs are made into fashion items (scarves and leggings), so that the story can live on and remind those wearing them of the freedom found in being ourselves, honest with others and bringing beauty from any emotion or moment we face. 


Who does this apply to?

We are passionate about empowering young people to deal with their emotions in a creative and powerful way. Therefore in the future hope to provide a mentoring system where we can meet one to one with young people who are struggling from the smallest to the biggest extremes. We also support the charity Heads Together with profits from our company.

We really appreciate your support and are excited for you to come on this journey with us.





"This process of turning my fears into art taught me to accept the ugly, the dirt and the grime because beauty always comes. No matter how ugly or dirty, beauty never fails to show up. Knowing that gives me a glimmer of hope in any situation. The beauty always comes." 


"After the drawing I was – on the one hand – not very satisfied with what I drew because I thought I couldn’t manage to draw it the way it should or could be. On the other hand I was amazed to see things I thought might be going on in me and they became more real to me as I saw them on paper. The exercise was very helpful to me and I believe that drawing is a strong tool when it’s used that way".




Therapia is about facing your fear. 
Being brave and sharing a tear. 
Often we face hurts, disappointments or pain.  
Our response is what matters - growth comes from the rain. 

Beauty is engaging. 
Beauty sets you free. 
Hope is found in darkness. 
Birthing liberty. 

Nothing is impossible. 
There is power in your words. 
Circumstances don’t determine joy. 
There is always something else you might prefer. 

Joy is found from mourning. 
Joy is found in thanks. 
Joy is a gift. Let your heart bow down. 

Let yourself feel. Feel how you feel. 
Let yourself be true and bravely real
There is freedom found in tears
They are healing to let out. 
Be brave with your fears. 
Discover faith within your doubts.